7th Grade Reflection

When I first arrived in August for 7th grade, I expected loads of homework. My brothers had told me that 7th grade is way harder than 6th. But that didn’t turnout the same.

The was a lot more homework but not as much as they told me. I was expecting staying up until 11:00 at night but not once this year I have. I soon realized that the only home work i would have is mainly Spanish and Science. But by October I was ready to be out of school.

I forgot what it was like to have a night to myself where i could just relax. I could never hangout with any of my friends or my favorite thing to do fish! Eventually I figured out a loop hole. I don’t  live to far from school so when i would wake up I would try to do half my homework in the morning and half at night. the only problem with that was football and basketball practice in the morning.

In 7th grade I learned a lot of new things like to speak  Spanish and get your homework done. My advice to next years 7th graders is don’t come to school. Just kidding but seriously do your homework.

Barton Creek Fishing

Mardis Mill Falls, #2

There are many places i go to fish, but my favorite is Barton Creek. It has so many fish such as LMB’s, Smallies, Sunfish, and Guadalupe Bass(Texas State Fish). But my favorite is the LMB(Largemouth Bass).

First you walk down a little trail seeing sum Hawks and various types of birds, and then you get to the water. At first look it doesn’t look like much but then you take a real look at it and the fish come alive. A beautiful waterfall covers them up with shade. Sometimes you’ll have to go into the water to get the perfect cast but with a decent rod and reel you don’t.  Now lets get to the fishing.

Not many giants roam these waters but they can get up to a good 7 or 8 pounds. Usually I’ll throw a fluke or some other type of soft plastic lure. First I’ll have have a couple nibbles from sunfish but then a big bass appears in the water. The nice thing is you can see the fish so you know when to set the hook. the bass will look at the lure with interest and within a mater of seconds he strikes.  You have a fish on and all you need to do is reel him in. Finally, another fish to add to the collection.

The reason I like to fish in Barton Creek is the scenery and the fish. It’s also a great place to bring some friends and just hangout.

Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Kerry Sanders via Compfight


What’s Going through Your mind? (Written by DJ Tanner)

Whats going through your mind when your running up the  side, only 1 man to beat? When he runs fast you’ll run faster, can he take  the heat? Whats going through your mind when the X is open for the 40 yrd  touchdown pass? He catches the ball and you hope this moment will always  last.
What are you thinking about when there is a hole the size of Texas on the 28 toss? What are you thinking about when you sack the QB for an 18  yrd loss?
Whats going through your mind when coach is yelling at you for  dropping the ball? Why is it that on kickoff you got stopped at the first  wall? Coach told your parents before the season that you would most  definitely letter. You gotta learn from your mistakes, always making yourself  better.
Your a good player, but you got a big head, you think your the  best. You don’t listen during practice or do the drills, why you so different  from all the rest?
Whats going through your mind when everything starts  to go bad? What are you thinking about when you miss what you once  had? Your gettin buried in the depth chart, grades slippin, where’d it all  go? You start to drink, thinking, who’s gonna know?
You weren’t a  team player, you were only out there for yourself. What was going through  your mind when you saw there were no trophies on the shelf?
I really like when he has his coach telling him, ” You gotta learn from your mistakes, always making yourself  better.
Your a good player, but you got a big head, you think your the  best. You don’t listen during practice or do the drills, why you so different  from all the rest?” It really shows whats going through his mind after his coach says those words to him.


Challenge Week Four and Five:Media and Memory

Anime Expo

When I was little I couldn’t do with my favorite toy… Bumblebee The Transformer! He was the most marvelous, great, and cool toy a boy could have. Bumblebee was great.

My favorite thing about him is that he could transform! His bright yellow wings in the push of a button turn in to car doors. His face becomes the engine and then he’s ready to go.  I would grab my remote controller and drive him around. Zooming around the house saying phrases over and over my parents would get so mad.” Malone ! You better put that toy up now!” My mom would yell at me.”That is the most annoying thing ever.” My brothers would tell me but I would still play with him. I slept with him every night and if I ever got nightmare, Bumblebee would protect me.

If I didn’t have Bumblebee in my hand, I would cry and cry until my mom gave it back. I remember when I was little my brother broke his arm and that day we went to the hospital to check up on him but my parents wouldn’t let me bring Bumblebee and I wouldn’t leave without him so I stayed home all day playing with him. Driving him around with no one to get mad at me. “BumbleBee Go!” I would say to him. That might’ve been the best day of my life!

Without Bumblebee my childhood would not be the same. I can still remember his bright yellow wings. Everybody had the childhood toy and Bumblebee was mine!


Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Anna Fischer via Compfight

Challenge Week #3:Favorite Apps

Their are so may apps and games in the appstore it’s great! They come from entertaining game to useful translation apps. Personally I like the games, especially sports ones that you can play football and basketball. All in all the appstore is great and the games are fun to play.

I love to watch tv on my phone and ipad and there is a perfect app for that. Once the red screen that reads the words Netflix I’m on!At the touch of a button you can watch a variety of tv shows and movies. But there is one problem with it. I’ve seen every single season of a show and movie. Literally, OK well not literally but still!  I really like how they finally put the application on my tv so know I can watch whenever I’m at home not on a tiny screen. Netflix is perfect for anyone and if you’re looking for a good tv show to get hooked on Netflix is the place to go.

There are so many other applications like Instagram! Instagram is great because it’s a great way to keep up with friends. You can post pictures and tell your friends what’s going on with you. Personally I like to follow my friends and sports and outdoor pages. You can see how many likes you get or like your friends post. Frankly Instagram is great and I think you should get on it!

Furthermore, their are games, not just apps. One of my favorite games is “Flick Fishing” As y’all know I love to fish and you can catch anything on his game. From Largemouth bass too Black Marlin. You can get different rods and reels and fish in different places. Deep Sea, ponds, and fishing of the shore are all great places to go. There are also special fish which are much bigger than they’re supposed to be.  The thrill of your phone vibrating when you have a biggen on, I know it sounds kinda funny, but it’s amazing. Next time your looking for a good outdoor game get Flick Fishing.

Also, NBA Jam is a  great game.  You can dunk, hit threes,  and make buuzzebeating lay ups. Boomshakalaka the commentator says. Choose your favorite team as you play your season and defeat your opponents. Push your team all the way to the finals to unlock great players. They even have the players faces. But my favorite part is how there is no such things as rules in this game. Shove the other NBA super stars and win the game as you succeed. I love Sports and this just might be my favorite Game on the store.

Fishing Spots! It’s a great app that tells you where to go and fish. People have accounts and show you a picture of the fish they caught in a 10 mile radius. You can also buy and trade stuff people are trying to sell or you can sell to them. Ive actually gone to the spots that some people have told me to go to and I catch plenty of bass there. Next time you’re on the appstore, just check it out.

Check out all these apps and I promise you’ll like one of them. It’s great that Apple created the AppStore. Apps and Games are great and everyone should appreciate that.

Challenge Week #2:Lake Austin

If I got to visit one place in Austin the choice is obvious. Lake Austin. There are so many things to do in Lake Austin. You can fish, swim, wakeboard, wake surf the list goes on and on.

Once you jump in to the cool water there’s no getting out. There’s this one little spot that I love to go to on the lake. It’s this little cove with a rope swing that has a giant oak hanging over it. It’s the perfect spot to bring a couple sodas and just hangout. That’s not my favorite thing to do though. Fishing!

You wake up early in the morning and head to the little marina and hop on your boat. The water is like glass it’s so still and is has just a small layer of fog hovering over it. The birds chirping as the day grows alive. The fish starting to jump and here we go. Fish after fish we keep on pulling them in. Of course we catch and release. Unless we catch a giant one, that’s the one we want to deep fry. Just put a little bit of lemon on him and your ready to go.

So if you ever decide to make a trip to Austin, visit Lake Austin. It’s the perfect spot for anything. Bring a couple friends and you’ll have the time of your life. Lake Austin the perfect spot for anything.

Down Under

Caves in Yanchep national park

Deep down where nothing is except for horrid, screams, and the evil Phantom.

No light what so ever. No happiness or compassion. Black walls look like they’re closing in. And the organ, sitting in the middle of the room alone just like the phantoms heart. Rose pedals on the floor covered in blood, I know where they’re from from. Dead bodies hanging from the ceiling. Screams deafen my ears. And then we go farther.

All I can hear is the water sloshing above and screams from his deceased victims. I only know of two but there’s hundreds of screams. We go farther into the endless abyss. The noises get louder. Mainly women all screaming Christine… will I soon be one of them?

The walls are getting narrow and the screams the screams. A little girl sounds like she’s calling my name. I keep thinking its just a hallucination. But why me? Why is she calling my name? I can recognize her voice but don’t know where it’s from. Who is this mysterious girl, Meg? No no no it couldn’t be she would never come down here. Unless she’s trying to warn me. Its not her I know! Finally the voices stop. And I disappear.

“Christine! Were have you been! We’ve been looking all over for you.” Says Roual. And I see Meg she must’ve been screaming for me from up here. Finally its all over.

Photo Credit: john_worsley_uk via Compfight

Why Fishing is Awesome

The cool breeze slightly blowing on your face, the slow rapids of the water. And most of all the fish. Fishing is great.

Fishing has many reasons to be great but in my opinion it’s the adrenaline of havering a fish on the line. When you start to hear the reel click and see your line moving:You’ve now you got something on the line. Your friends screaming reel him in. Blood pumping through you body’s she get closer.My favorite fish that I’ve ever caught is a shark. He wasn’t big but he had some power in him.

Ferthermore the sweet taste of the fish after you got him on land is amazing. Once you get home you have to clean him. Then the good stuff comes :The meat. The succulent taste of the fish fills your mouth with flavor. Trout is my favorite fish to eat. It’s flaky meat is so good. Especially with a little lemon on it.

Fishing is great because it’s great to go out with your friends and have a fantastic time. Especially when you catch one.

Why Highways are Important

Have you ever thought how important highways are? They get us places so fast that we take them for granted. They are like a telorter they move us fast. We should make more highways.

If we had to stop at every single light, then we would go crazy. People screaming at each other, honking, and the worst of all… Road rage!Road rage is horrible because all the things above is road rage. Road rage is like a giant ball of madness ready to fly onto the roads and get everybody as mad as possible. People get in fights and it’s like a bijillion more percent chance of crashing. I’ve seen people get in fights on the road and it’s scary.

Another reason is time. It would take you 4 hours to get to a 1 hour destination. You would stop at every light and if it was something important… Your doomed. Like one time I was going to my brothers graduation and we literally had to drive on roads the whole time so we got their 30 minutes late!

Next time you see a highway remember to thank them.

4th Quarter Saints vs. Seahawks

MY favorite team in the NFL is the New Orleans Saints. they did great this year in the regular season. they where playing the Seahawks who beat them in the regular season. it was the 4th quarter that was most exciting. the Saints where only down by 8 and then devastation….Marchawn Lynch ran in a 31 yard td run. The saints got the ball with 3 minutes left on the clock. drew Breese drove them down the field for a touchdown with only thirty second left and they got the 2 point conversion.

With thirty seconds left the Saints had to go for a onside kick and somehow they got it. I remember thinking we had a chance.Drew breese chucks it down the field to Marquise Colston who catches with four second left and does a foward lateral. The stupid ref saying, “Personal foul on the offense, number 12, foward pass therefore ten second runoff the game is over.